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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other photo booth companies?

  • Carolina Selfie Stand has the latest in photo booth technology. Guests can email pics, post to a social media, create short video messages, and offer a customized experience by using green screen technology and personalized logos with every rental.
  • All inclusive pricing. Why should you be limited by your budget? If we have it you will get it as part of your event! We include everything for one price, no surprises!
  • Quality. What good is a photo booth without high quality pictures? We use a high definition DSL Cannon camera to capture those beautiful smiles!
  • Customer service. At Carolina Selfie Stand we pride ourselves in providing great customer service making your event one to remember!

Are there limitations to where your booth can be set up?

  • Not really! We only need a 3 prong outlet and a little bit of space. Contact a sales representative to discuss space requirements.

Is set up/take down included in my rental?

  • Sure thing! You determine the time you want your guests to start shakin their selfies and we will be there an hour prior to set up. You enjoy your photo booth during the actual hours you are renting for.

How many people fit in your booth?

  • Because the selfie stand is an open air booth you can fit as many as can fit in the photo frame! The more the merrier!

Are there any hidden charges I need to know about?

  • There is nothing worse than seeing a price online only to call and find that all the good stuff costs extra. The features and prices outlined on this website are what you will pay. Yes, there are add on options but they are clearly identified and are add on’s because they are not applicable to every event. There are no charges for red carpet, green screen, or a personalized logo! The only additional charges would be travel beyond our service area, idle time (if you need us there more than an hour prior), guest book or if you wanted 4x6 prints instead of the standard 2x6. That's it!

I already have a photographer, why do I need a photo booth?

  • Event photographers are a must as they focus on the more formal parts of an event. Have you ever found yourself in that awkward lull between a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception where the guests are waiting for the wedding party to finish taking pictures and the party to begin? Your event doesn’t have to be that way! Carolina Selfie Stand enhances event photography by getting your guests involved in the fun. It will keep your guest entertained, serve as an icebreaker, act as a memory maker and keep them talking about your event for a long time to come.

Will someone from Selfie Station be at my event?

  • We wouldn’t miss the fun! Our professional trained attendant will be there with bells on to ensure the operation of the Selfie Station is seamless.

Is there a limit to the number of photos that can be taken at my event?

  • Unlimited is unlimited as long its within the rental period!

Are there props available?

  • We’ll bring the party props or incorporate your own. Let your sales representative know what you are looking for and we will do our best to accommodate. If you don't want any props, just let us know when you book your rental.

Will I get copies of the pictures of my event?

  • Absolutely! Not only will you get a copy of all the pictures on a CD but if you choose to incorporate a guest book you will have prints that your guests have picked especially for the guest of honor.

We are having so much fun! Can you stay longer?

  • Why not?! If our schedule allows we would be happy to continue our service at our standard event day rates.